A blend of a bright, sweet coffee with a beautiful bouquet and light acidity paired with a rich medium-dark roast with a smooth mouthfeel and remarkably clean finish. The Firehouse Blend is a well-balanced coffee with rousing yet satisfying nuances of both lighter and darker roasts expertly blended to perfection that results in a sensational coffee that tastes extraordinary black or with cream. This crave-able blend is the choice coffee of many Firehouses nationwide.

Firehouse Blend was developed with our brave firemen and also police officers in mind as they willingly stand in the line of fire, of various sorts, each time they go to work.

As a symbol of our sincere appreciation for their protective services, we are offering deeply discounted rates on all Keystone Coffee to Firemen, Police Officers, Firehouses, and Police Departments.

After setting up an Account: send the email address you used along with your service ID and station or department numbers and addresses to to get your permanent discount set up.

You all deserve a fantastic cup of Keystone coffee! Cheers!