152 Years of Roasting Perfect Coffee

Today, the fourth generation of the Wright family plays an active role in the business.  Our desire was to build upon the company’s distinguished history.  A talented team of professionals was then assembled to position Keystone Coffee for national growth as a custom gourmet roaster.

Keystone Coffee has a long and historical background.  Originating in 1867 as Eagle Coffee and Spice, the business subsequently joined with Keystone Wholesale Grocery.  This allowed us to expand sales into most of Northern and Central California. During the 1940’s the decision was made to separate the coffee business from the other operations.

At this time, a large warehouse and coffee roasting facility were built in downtown San Jose.  Our reputation continued to grow as a roasting facility known for producing fresh, gourmet coffee. In addition, the company has always had a record of selling to two distinct groups: wholesale customers and retail customers.