Frequently asked questions

Expert coffee roasting

You can order Keystone Coffee from our website
You can also choose to simplify your coffee ordering experience by subscribing to get Keystone Coffee automatically sent to you either every week or every month. There is also the option of sending a Gift Coffee Subscription as well.

Absolutley! Please call us at 408-998-2221 to order or for more information about coffee and our services.

Whole bean coffee remains fresher significantly longer than ground coffee.
After your coffee has been ground and exposed to oxygen, the coffee becomes stale quickly.
We recommend grinding your coffee just before you brew it to ensure you’re brewing the best most flavorful cup of coffee with all tasting notes intact.
If you choose to buy ground coffee expose it to as little air as possible and store it in an airtight light proof container to maintain freshness longer.

To achieve the most consistent grind and to avoid burning/ overheating the coffee beans while grinding, we recommend using a burr grinder verses a blade grinder. If you need to use a blade grinder, after the grinder is loaded, pulse on and off every second or so verses holding the button down to avoid friction burning your coffee and thus giving it a burnt taste.

We recommend storing your Keystone Coffee in a dry, dark, cool area, sealed tightly in its original packaging, or an airtight light proof container. Humidity, light and air degrade coffee flavors rapidly.
We do not recommend storing coffee in the refrigerator or freezer due to the high humidity levels in them that cause coffee to rapidly loose flavor.

If interested in coming in for a tour please contact Seth Jacobsen at for more information.