The time has come to sell our little red Cushman Vanster that we have used in the past as a warehouse runabout but, no longer use. It’s been sitting lonely in storage for years. We appreciate the service it provided us years ago here at Keystone Coffee Company but, it’s time for it to go to a new home.

We thought about using it as a little rolling pop up Keystone Coffee coffee stand here in downtown San Jose CA but, have chosen to sell it instead.

There are big exciting changes happening here in Keystone Coffee Land and  simply put, we need to liquidate several things taking up space we need for more pallets of green coffee.

Here are the details & photos:

1985 Cushman Vaster, custom Keystone Coffee Red paint, 14,443 miles with 3 speed with reverse.

This is a rare barn find coming out of the dry warehouse at Keystone Coffee Company in San Jose CA.

Keystone Coffee had used this Vanster around the roastery for a time and then it got parked about 20 years ago in a corner. No one knows why or much about it anymore.

I just started working at Keystone and was assigned the mission to get it running again and sold.

The Vanster is very clean and pretty much rust free, some surface rust on the undercarriage but nothing major. The paint is in good condition with chips, dings and a scratch here in there. I noticed that something got dropped on the roof and put a crack in the top. The interior looks to be in very good condition.

We do not have a title with this Vanster as per our understanding the 4 wheel Vansters never came with one.

To start just pull the choke knob and it starts right up, once warmed up a bit turn off choke and it runs and idles quit well.

The Bad:

We think it needs a new clutch as it does not want to shift with engine running in or out of gear, any gear can be selected easy with engine off, I verified it drives as I put it in first gear and hit the key and drove it around the building, brakes work strong to bring it to a stop.

Rear hatch struts are bad and need replacing

Crack from fallen object on roof.

The Vanster is sold as is with no warranty and a clutch replacement the only known issue but, we are not Cushman specialists. The clutch kit is available on e bay and price ranges from $300.00 and up.

Things we did to get it running

1. Drained old gas from tank
2. Cleaned carb throughly
3. Replaced plastic fuel inlet with a brass elbow=no leaks
4. Replaced the brake master cylinder with new part
5. Replaced front driver side brake drum, shoes and wheel cylinder with new parts
6. Bled brakes
7. New battery installed

Local pick up only. Big trucks can fit at our warehouse and we could load with our forklift if needed

Email Seth for more info or to arrange to be the new home for our little red Vanster email